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Star Citizen hosts a variety of in-game events, bringing people together in an otherwise vast, open universe. Often, these events overlap with a Free Fly event. If you have never participated before, I encourage you to jump in!

Star Citizen Events in 2024

Wonder what 2024 has in store for Star Citizen? Wonder no more! Watch my latest video for an overview of events and activities throughout the year. 

If you want to follow along or dive into specific topics in more detail, click the links below. As more events are added, I will updated this page. 


Star Citizen Event Calendar

Floating Events


"The Red Festival is a celebration of renewal and remembrance with roots in old Earth customs that marked the end of a 'lunisolar year,' an ancient calendar system based on Luna's (Sol 3a) cycles. Celebrants honor the festival with a variety of traditions that differ greatly depending on the system and community participating. Common activities include wearing red (a color that symbolizes good fortune), honoring friends and relatives by sharing stories, and eating foods long in length, such as calossk tentacles or dyed-red noodles, and the exchange of gilded red envelopes representing good fortune to come."


"Coramor is a holiday celebrated annually throughout the United Empire of Earth (UEE) in February. It traces its origins to 2486 when Yuri Ilyin disappeared trying to reunite with his lover Corazon Tan, who had become trapped behind the recently-collapsed jump point to the Oretani system. During his search, Yuri would send emotional daily comms to Cora's parents updating them on his search, the last of which was unintelligible except for “...anything for Cora… amor...” Yuri was never seen again."


"Push your luck, it's Stella Fortuna! But be careful, fate can be as temperamental as the Vanduul. However, only those who dare to dance with Lady Fortuna win…

Stella Fortuna is a Human cultural celebration associated with good fortune and success in new ventures. It was first established as a commemoration of the successful colonization of Mars (Sol IV). Feasting, fireworks, festivals, and other forms of mass celebration are hallmarks of the holiday, along with the colors gold and green."


"Triggerfish is a Human holiday celebrated annually in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) on 01 April. Those who observe it play pranks and jokes on one another or participate in hoaxes, shouting “Triggerfish!” once a jape is complete. Though the holiday has origins stretching as far back as the 16th century, it first began to be called Triggerfish in the 2600s, when it became tradition for residents of Borea (Magnus II) to try and convince visitors that a secret fourth planet named “Triggerfish” existed in the Magnus system. "


"From May 17-29, the UEE Naval Fleet returns to the Stanton System and Area18 as ArcCorp hosts the largest exhibition of military vehicles in history. Head to the Bevic Convention Center when you arrive at the Riker Memorial Spaceport in Area 18. 

In honor of Invictus Launch Week, we’re launching a Free Fly event where everyone can download and play Star Citizen for free!"


"Thanks to the ratification of the Human-Xi’an Trade Initiative in 2947, UEE systems have seen a steady uptick in Xi’an-made and inspired goods. Even corporations such as MISC (specifically its Mirai sub-brand) are taking full advantage of the cutting-edge technology coming out of the Xi’an Empire.

Join us in celebrating this continually prosperous alliance this Alien Week, with special events and fun interactive adventures both in and out of the 'verse.."

"In the ‘verse, the Foundation Festival is a month-long civic program that endeavors to strengthen community spirit by encouraging Citizens and civilians to volunteer with local and imperial organizations. During this time, the hope is that people will lift each other up so the community as a whole gets stronger."


"Avast there! It be that time of the year again, when the timbers be shivered and the swashes be buckled, and all manner of briny bilge rats come out to engage in merry marauding across the ‘verse. That’s right, ya swabs, Talk Like a Pirate Day is once again upon us, and it be all hands on deck for a bounty of fun and plunder.
The crew has been hard at work, and heartily motivated by threats of floggings and watered-down rum rations, getting all the cannons firing properly for the Pirate Swarm game mode in Arena Commander, and thus granting you a shot at the infamous pirate Gladius."


"CitizenCon 2954 returns to Manchester Central on October 19-20, 2024!

How do you top our biggest and best CitizenCon to date? You’ll have to come to Manchester this October to find out. We’re already sure this will be our best one yet. Join us to celebrate CitizenCon 2954, the epic adventures ahead, and the vibrant community that makes it all possible. 

Please note: There will be an additional off-site event with extremely limited availability happening on October 18 - more information coming at a later date."


"Can you feel it? That palpable sense of dread hanging in the air? Do you see strange and frightening figures in the shadows as they fall? Hear odd and unusual noises when you could have sworn you were alone? Well that can only mean one thing, boils and ghouls, October is upon us, and with it comes terror-ific tidings from the great beyond. All month long we’re celebrating Day of the Vara both in and out of the ‘verse, and we’re just dying to have you join us."

IAE Event Program


"The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo is back on microTech, and we're celebrating this year's premier aerospace event by launching a Free Fly event. From November 17 through November 30, you have the chance to try some of Star Citizen's most iconic vehicles for free.


"Luminalia is an annual holiday celebrated by both the Banu and Humans on December 22. It originated as the irregularly-held Banu festival 'tsikti efanga' (Glow Festival), and is marked by the lighting of ceremonial lamps that stay lit until their fuel is consumed. While the lamps are burning, all Banu, no matter where they are, are considered one Souli (a group of cohabiting Banu who have formed an alliance centered around a specific, shared skillset). They invite friends, business associates, and passing strangers into their Soulis and give them gifts so they will always have something to sell."

"The Nine Tails pirate gang has locked down a local rest stop, and local security forces need your help. The rest stop will also be short on medical supplies, which could be an opportunity for a significant payout for all traders and cargo haulers out there. And just in case you tend to live with a crime stat, Nine Tails may even try to recruit you..."

"In 2019, the Star Citizen community discovered a lucrative drug lab on the surface of Crusader’s moon Yela. What followed was completely unplanned, and surprised everyone - including our development team. 

Tens of thousands of players flocked to the outpost, with split motives in mind – eager outlaws and less-than-scrupulous organizations rushed to acquire and sell this newfound illicit treasure trove at any cost, while more lawful groups chose to lock down the station in a bid to prevent further criminal activity. 

This clash resulted in a perpetual tug-of-war between far-flung factions and home-grown heroes over control of the outpost. You never knew what you’d find when approaching Jumptown, which only the most dedicated could locate, since it wasn’t easily pin-pointed on standard-issue maps. 

These events were so profound, they ended up becoming official canon in Star Citizen’s lore – a prime example of player actions shaping the future of the ‘verse forever."

"Nine Tails are back in Stanton! The merciless pirate gang has moved in and taken over several platforms around Orison, Crusader’s famously tranquil city in the clouds. 

Along with shipping in heavily armed gang members from Pyro, the gang has created a no-fly zone across the besieged platforms, so CDF forces are going in on the ground. Arm up and be careful, Nine Tails aren’t taking prisoners…"

"During this Dynamic Event, we need your help with resupplying a UEE Navy flagship while defending against enemy attack.

This is the second iteration of the Assault on Stanton event. After analyzing how the first event went and pouring through your feedback, this updated event offers an improved flow for veterans and newcomers alike."