Enter referral code STAR-SFVL-W7BT when creating a new Star Citizen account and immediately receive  5000 in-game credits!
>>> A FREE FLY event is currently ACTIVE May 17th-29th during the annual Invictus Launch Week <<< 

Star Citizen Free Fly February 2024

Star Citizen: Free to Play

Star Citizen Free Fly May 17th-29th, 2024!

A FREE FLY event is currently active from May 17th-29th during the annual Invictus Launch Week celebration! Visit the Ship Spotlight page to see when specific ship manufacturers will be on display and available to test fly for free.  See the free fly instructions below to get started!

Star Citizen Referral Bonus February 2024

A Referral Bonus was recently ACTIVE! 

Free Fly events are often paired with a referral bonus (usually a set of armor, small ship or hover bike) granted to those who use a referral code to create an account, and then spend $40 USD or more in the pledge store

As part of the ongoing OVERDRIVE missions leading up to Invictus Launch Week in May, a limited time referral bonus was active, granting the P-52 Merlin Snub Fighter, for FREE (approximately a $25 value). No referral bonus is currently active.

Note: You must have completed a $40 purchase prior to the end of the OVERDRIVE event (May 2, 2024) to have received the latest referral bonus. Referral bonuses are typically granted at the end of the event. 

If you used my referral code and DID NOT receive your referral bonus, please contact Customer Support to have them correct the error.  

Enjoying a Star Citizen Free Fly event is easy if you follow the steps below! Free Fly is currently ACTIVE.

#1 Create a FREE Star Citizen Account

For step-by-step instructions on creating a Star Citizen account, follow my guide. Otherwise, simply enter referral code STAR-SFVL-W7BT on the Star Citizen account creation page. You will immediately receive 5000 in-game credits. 

#2 Download the Game Client

Visit the Client Download Page  to install the latest version of the launcher. Or, use the direct download link to install the legacy 1.6 Launcher:


#3 Play!

Simply run the launcher and play!

Tip: Set your starting location to Area 18 as this is where the Fleet Week Expo is taking place. Here's a brief video on how to navigate to the convention floor where you can view and rent ships.  

To learn more about the Red Festival Free Fly ships, visit the Ship Spotlight page!