Enter referral code STAR-SFVL-W7BT when creating a new Star Citizen account and immediately receive  5000 in-game credits!

Star Citizen: Free to Play!

Star Citizen was FREE to play during the 2023 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, November 17-30th, 2023!

Over one hundred ships were available to players to test fly during the two week free fly event. To see the line-up, visit the ship spotlight page. 

Referral Bonus Information 

Free Fly events are often paired with a referral bonus (usually a set of armor, small ship or hover bike granted to those who use a referral code to create an account, and then purchase a game package of $40 USD or more). 

A limited time referral bonus was recently active, granting a free Consolidated Outland's adventurous hoverbike, the HoverQuad, with Copperhead paint for free ($33 value). Currently, no referral bonus is active. 

If you are looking to buy into Star Citizen, a discounted Mustang Alpha starter pack is available for purchase (saves you $5 off the normal price). 

Note: you must have completed a $40 purchase prior to October 30, 2023 to receive the latest referral bonus. Referral bonuses are typically granted at the end of the event (after October 30, 2023). 

Enjoying a Star Citizen Free Fly event is easy if you follow the steps below!

#1 Create a FREE Star Citizen Account

For step-by-step instructions on creating a Star Citizen account, follow my guide. Otherwise, simply enter referral code STAR-SFVL-W7BT on the Star Citizen account creation page. You will immediately receive 5000 in-game credits. 

#2 Download the Game Client

Visit the Client Download Page  to install the launcher. Or, use the direct download link:


#3 Play!

You are ready to jump into the 'verse, but don't do it alone. I recommend finding a Guide to help you learn the ropes!

To learn more about the ships available to fly for free over the course of  IAE, visit the Ship Spotlight page!